Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Watch

Well, my wife is due with our second child in a matter of days, and the baby watch is on.  The crib is set up, the new and hand-me-down clothes have all been washed in Dreft, boxes of diapers are standing by, packages of bottles are at the ready.  And here we are, just waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

With my first-born, things were a bit different.  We were sleeping one night, nine days before her due date, and at one point my wife got up to go to the bathroom.  She came back, snapped the light on, and said to me, “I think my water broke.”  She then called the doctor while I went to use the restroom (having no clue when I’d get the chance to go again), and so at 2:30 AM we made the drive to the hospital.  We arrived without much ado, made our way to the baby floor, and were given our room.  Her pain gradually became worse, and after an hour or so we ordered an epidural.  An anesthesiologist came and administered it to her (although he was rather rude about it—luckily he was in and out and never to be seen again), and from that point on it was rather smooth sailing.  Baby Adam was born at about 10 til 10 AM, a 9 lb 2 oz monster with a full head of black hair.  I’ll never forget that moment in my life (I’m sure no father would), but as I put my finger down to his tiny little hand while he rested under the heat lamp, he grasped my finger.  Such a proud moment for any Pappa.  Anyway, we were out of the hospital within two days, and other than needing a bilirubin blanket for a few nights that first week, that was it.  Easy peasy.

Now with child number two, we are waiting.  I guess we just assumed that this little guy would come early like his big brother, but he seems content hanging out in Mommy’s womb.  She’s showing no signs of giving birth any time soon, and we suspect that her doctor will discuss inducing labor at her next OB/GYN appointment.

As an IT guy, I see having a baby somewhat like having a good disaster recovery plan.  I have lists and processes and procedures all mapped out for that impending moment.  I’ve initiated several steps, including having my sister on stand-by to pick up our eldest son from school if need be, having bags packed and ALREADY IN THE CAR, etc.  But things never quite go as planned, or else you can never really be one hundred percent prepared for everything.  Just as long as we’re not having a baby on the side of the road, or in the elevator on the way up to the baby floor…

But as you can imagine, I don’t have much time to write or blog right now.  So please pardon me if my posts become sparse over the next week or two.  As soon as we can get back into an established routine, I’ll get back to giving you all a piece of my mind on a regular basis!

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