About Me (@rastrohman)

I'm an author of two ebooks, Project Utopia and Paradox, that could be classified as technological thrillers.  I also have one currently being submitted to agents, and I have another in the works.  Some of my favorite authors are Michael Crichton, Jeff Lindsay, Jeffery Deaver,  Chuck Palahniuk, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King.  My books tend to take place in various spots throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and they typically have elements of science fiction, technology, action, horror, and thrilling twists.

I am employed as an IT Manager for an employee benefits consulting firm, and I also putter with a side business that specializes in  technology consulting and computer services.

I am married to a wonderful lady named Lisa, and we have two handsome little sons, Adam and Ben.  I enjoy working out (martial arts, running, and weightlifting), but I also eat too much.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty awesome.

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