Friday, January 13, 2012

My 1/12 and 1/13 Flash Fiction Tales

Before I post my tales, I just wanted to note that I won honorable mentions for my 1/9/2012 #MotivationMonday tale as well as my 1/10/2012 #TuesdayTales stories.  Yay for me!  Think I’ll buy myself a donut this weekend!

Today is #FridayPictureShow hosted by Jen DeSantis (@JenD_Author): The prompt was a picture of a black cat with the number 13 and a full moon.

Here is my tale:

He lounged on the sidewalk, staring up at the full moon, waiting for his next victim.  It was a special day, Friday the 13th, and he had purposely come to Walmart to have some fun.  He’d already gotten a few, walking in front of them, chasing them under a ladder, and even spooking someone into dropping a mirror.  He loved how superstitious people could be.

Of course, he hadn’t had much luck himself.  He’d wanted desperately to have supernatural powers, but of all the lycanthropic curses, he had to get the one that turned him into a domesticated black cat.

100 words


Yesterday was #ThursThreads hosted by Siobhan Muir (@SiobhanMuir):  The prompt was to use the line “sure you are, tough guy” in the story.

Here is my tale:

“Here you are, in all your glory. Tie just right. Shirt fitting perfectly, outlining those muscles. You’re tall and handsome, and you have a winning smile. You look great, and yeah, you’re worth a million bucks. You know that? You can tackle anything. And you want to know something else? You will take the bull by the horns and come out of here grinning with the thought of knowing you did it. People may say you lack character or charisma, that you maybe aren’t brave enough to do something like this, but sure you are, tough guy. You are a born winner, and you can accomplish anything.”

“Hey buddy, quit talking to yourself and move it. You’re holding up the line.”

He turned and glared back at the sour old man, then took a step forward. Time to shine.

“Hi, can I help you?” she asked, smiling cheerfully.

“Yes, my name is Reggie, and I have severe agoraphobia. I’m trying new medication though, and this is my first time out of my house in seven years. Ahem. I’d like a hamburger and a small Coke please.”

As she smiled awkwardly and called out the order, he whispered to himself, “You did it, Reggie. You did it!”

206 words

UPDATE:  Just heard from the judge.  I won for this tale!  Woohoo!!  Buying myself a donut AND a mint chocolate mocha this weekend!


If you actually read these posts, and you have a Twitter handle and want to participate, just do a search each day for #FlashFiction or any of the individual daily challenges.  The people are great and very positive, and it’s always a good time.  Join in on the fun!

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