Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a Boy!

Taking a break from my near non-stop promotion of my new book, I have to just share some good news with my followers.  If you don’t already know, my wife and I found out yesterday that we will be having another boy.  Yay!

I find it a little amusing how the world of technology has changed things like having babies over the years.  Even ten or fifteen years ago, people did not have the technology available today.  We received 3D images of what our little guy looks like and how he was moving all around.  Cute and creepy at the same time, I think.

I wasn’t adverse to the idea of having a girl, but our mothers would have certainly loved to buy lots of pink clothes and pink toys and pink this and pink that.  I do think having another boy will be a little more fun for Adam.  I think he'll really bond with his little brother.  We’ve decided to go with the name Benjamin (Benyamin is the Muslim name), although when asked, Adam said he wanted to name him “Poopy.”  Gotta love kids!  But I can picture those two little boys having a blast together.  I’m thinking bunk beds, huge forts, playing in the woods and creek behind our house, etc.  I can only imagine what the next decade and a half will bring to our happy little family, but I’m super excited about it!

It also opens up the possibility of us having another child.  We always said we wanted a boy and a girl, and now that we have two boys, who knows?  I know our mothers would love a little girl.  And we’re still young, so it's entirely plausible.  Maybe in a couple of years we might try one last time for a girl.  After all, my parents had my sister when they were in their late 30s, and she turned out fine—I think. =P

I’ll be back later in the week with more promotions of my new novel and any other subjects I come across to rant about!

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